What Foods Should be Eaten with What Wine

Most people want to serve wine at dinner parties for their friends and families. However, most of them tend to avoid serving wine because they don’t know what type of wine to serve and if the type of wine that they have in mind will blend well with the food served. Do you serve white or red wine with fish? And will merlot be okay if served with a Mexican dish? Those are some of the questions that many people ask themselves and in this article we are going to give you answers by telling you what foods should be eaten with what wine.

  1. Salad and appetizers.

You should not serve salad and wine at the same time because they don’t match. However, if you are having an appetizer you first need to consider the type of ingredients used in the appetizer to help you choose the right wine. For instance, if you are having cheese trays, the type of cheese that you are eating will help you choose the best wine. For example, if you are eating cheddar, then red wine such as cabernet sauvignon can blend well with it. On the other hand brie and camembert and great with white wine such as chardonnay.

  1. Meat.

The number one rule when choosing wine is read meat with red wine and white meet and white wine. Although this is not always true, the rule can work well if you are unsure of which type of wine to include. However, the exception is always chicken which tends to blend well with red wine with nice fruity flavor such as merlot. This means that you don’t always have to apply the rule of not serving red wine with chicken. On the other hand, sea foods such as lobsters blend well when served with white wine such as pinot Girgio.

  1. Vegetables.

If you are a vegetarian, then you are lucky because you have wide array of wines to choose from. Greens usually bends well with more than one type of wine. For instance, when serving spinach for dinner, you can serve it together with a fruity red wine or a spicy white wine. Depending with your taste and preference, you have the chance to choose a wine that you think will blend well with it. Don’t be afraid to explore other options because you never know, maybe you will discover a new combination that will surprise every one.

  1. Dessert meal.

Dessert meal with is very popular can best be served with a desert wine. You will never go wrong when you serve your guest with a delicious desert meal and a desert wine. The two blend well.

  1. Spicy foods.

If you are planning to serve you guests with a spicy food like Indian or Thai food, then the best wine to choose is a sparkling wine. Look for a wine that has a fruity taste and make sure it is well chilled. This is because cold wine always goes well with spicy foods.

In conclusion, when serving wine with food, it is very important not note that there is no right answers, only basic rules to go by and as you have seen, even those rules can be changed. Therefore, don’t be afraid to experiment different tastes.