Types of White Wine

types of grapesEurope can actually be called the birth place of all wins especially, the white wine. Countries that are well known to produce white wine include France, Austria, Italy and Germany. White wine is great beverage as well as good enhancement for various food items. There are various types of white wines that can confuse you at times. In this article, we are going to discuss different types of white wines to help you get a deeper understanding so that you make an informed choice then next time you go to shop for one.

  1. Chardonnay

Chardonnay is a type of white wine that is actually the most famous and also the largest selling wine of all time. Most people drink this wine when having their meals because of its smooth sweet taste. In addition is has countless health benefits that makes it the number one choice for many wine lovers. They vary in taste ranging from those that are full in body with hints of oak, spice and butter to those that are medium and are gold and velvety with display notes of vanilla and nuts. If you have not experienced the sweetness of this wine, go to your local wine stores and order one to know why it is the bestselling wine of all time.

  1. Gew├╝rztraminer

Gew├╝rztraminer which actually means spicy is a type of white wine produced in France and Germany and is widely known due to its floral fragrance. It also has crispy bold favor and a light acidity which is loved by many all over the world. In addition to its sweet tastes, scientific research has found out that this white wine contains many antioxidant properties that helps to prevent cancer and aging.

  1. Pinot Girgio

This is the second most favorite type of white wine amongst wine lovers. The taste of this amazing white wine is even better when combined with sea foods because of its citrus aroma. The European pinot Girgio is actually more acidic that the American one but they all have amazing taste. It has numerous health benefits and can be served together with dinner.

  1. Sauvignon Blanc

Also known as fume Blanc, this type of white wine is very popular among the middle class wine lovers because it is not only sweet but it is also the most cost effective type of white wine. Produced mainly in France, South Africa, New Zealand and California, this wine has a very crisp and light acidic taste that many people love. In addition, it is totally aromatic with flavor of lemon, grapes and gooseberry.

  1. Riesling.

Produced in France and Germany, Riesling is the most expensive type of white wine and most people drink it only on special occasion such as wedding or birthdays. It has a great fruity aroma and a medium to light acidic taste. In addition, this amazing white wine has the ability to age to taste even better.

  1. Viognier.

Made in France, this great wine has a great tropical smell like that of peach or banana and it has the highest level of alcohol amongst all types of white wine. It also has a great floral and tropical aroma and can blend well with baked brie cheese or any rich tropical food.